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Say Do You Remember? (Ba De Ya) Dancing In September?

September is shaping up to be quite a busy month for us here at Rogue Amoeba. As we noted at the end of last week, we’re again offering stylish shirts for sale and we’ve opened a new merchandise store to do that. PayPal support is still being worked on, but otherwise the store is performing well – if you’re interested in your own Rogue Amoeba shirt or plush toy, head to the Merch store now.

As well, if you visited our front page today, you’d notice that Fission is now listed there, as Coming Soon. We’re hoping to release before the end of the month – to be notified of Fission’s release, join our low-traffic announcement list.

Quentin is also working hard to tie up a loose end, our one remaining application that’s not Universal – MemoryCell. This freebie sits in your menu bar showing the RAM usage of the foreground application. This is very useful for spotting an application that’s hogging RAM and restarting it. MemoryCell has required a complete rewrite to bring it over to the ICBMs, but we’re testing it now, and also hope to have this out before October.

At the end of the month, we’ll be exhibiting at the Podcast and Portable Media Expo. Full details on that can be found here – if you’re in the area, swing by to see the latest developments in Audio Hijack Pro, as well as Fission. Passes to the exhibit hall and keynote are free if you register ahead of time, so get your pass right now.

Technically, it’s happening in October, but the announcement came in September. If you haven’t heard, the inimitable Wolf Rentzsch is putting on a small conference for developers – C4 in October. I’ll be there representing for Rogue Amoeba, so if you’ll be there too, be sure to say hi.

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