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Rogue Amoeba T-Shirts Are Back In Black! Also, Blue.

You may be eagerly awaiting the release of Fission and you can rest assured that it is coming very soon. However, today we’re pleased to announce that Rogue Amoeba t-shirts are once more available, after our last design sold out! If you’ve got a torso, why not use it to show off your fine taste in software?

The new shirts are based on a design we made for use at our booth at Macworld San Francisco 2006. We received many compliments on the shirts at the show, so we decided to print a small run for others. They’re available in blue and black (Medium, Large, and XL) and they’re ever so sexy. Best of all, they’re only $10 (plus shipping)! If you’re interested, head on over to the updated merchandise page.

You might also notice that we’re selling these shirts through our new web store. Previously, we’ve used payment processing services who handle payments for us. We’re looking to move to our own home-grown store where we process orders directly. These shirts are serving as a test-bed before we transition all of our sales to the new store, so please alert us to any problems!

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