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People Still Write Letters?

Most days are good days overall at Rogue Amoeba, because we like what we do. But every so often, something really nice happens. Such was the case yesterday, when we received the following letter in the mail. Hopefully Mark won’t mind us reprinting it here.

To whom it may concern:

I just wanted to write a quick thank-you for your excellent software, in particular Airfoil for OS X. This is the kind of software that makes the Macintosh platform a joy to use, and it’s heartening to see such high-quality work coming from private developers such as yourselves.

Keep up the great work; for my part, my friends and I will keep buying it.

Mark Shroyer

Thank you Mark (and I guess a “You’re welcome” is in order too). It’s not brain surgery, but we’re happy to be making software that positively affects the lives of people the world over.

And if there’s software out there that you love, let the developers know! We get plenty of emails with questions and problems, but sentiments such as Mark’s are certain to be widely felt and rarely heard. It’s always nice to receive some encouragement.

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