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Savings For Everyone On Audio Hijack Pro

As the mercury rises (at least here in the States), our prices are dropping. For the month of August, we’re making it even more attractive to be using our audio recording tool Audio Hijack Pro, with three special offers.

New Users
If you’ve never used Audio Hijack Pro, you should learn a bit more about it. Audio Hijack Pro is an audio recorder, designed to record any audio. Use it to record internet radio streams from RealPlayer, audio chat from Skype or iChat, even analog audio sources like microphones, turntables and cassette players. For more information and to download the free trial, head over to the Audio Hijack Pro page

Once you’ve tried out Audio Hijack Pro, you can use coupon code SUMMERSALE to save $3 off the purchase price in our store.

Audio Hijack Pro 1.x Users
Audio Hijack Pro 2 was first released just over 2 years ago, and we’re all the way up to version 2.7 now. As well, we officially ended support for Audio Hijack Pro 1.x over a year ago. Most users of Audio Hijack Pro 1.x have made the move to version 2, but we want to encourage the rest to join us with the most current versions. This upgrade usually costs $10, but during August, that price is automatically reduced to just $7.

To upgrade from Audio Hijack Pro 1.x to Audio Hijack Pro 2, just visit the upgrade page:


Audio Hijack Users
Finally, any users of Audio Hijack can always move up to Audio Hijack Pro for $16. During August, even that price has dropped to just $13, so get it while it’s hot.

In August, everyone can save on Audio Hijack Pro.

If you’re purchasing for the first time, use coupon code SUMMERSALE to save $3.

If you’re upgrading from Audio Hijack Pro 1.x, you’ll pay just $7, instead of $10.

If you’re moving from Audio Hijack to Audio Hijack Pro, the discount has increased. You’ll now pay just $13 to move to Audio Hijack Pro.

Enjoy, and try to stay cool!

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