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The Short Of It
SessionListPlease send us your Audio Hijack Pro sessions! E-mail them to stats@rogueamoeba.com.

Where are your sessions even stored, you ask? The session list itself is stored at ~/Library/Application Support/Audio Hijack Pro/SessionList.plist. The SessionList.plist file is the only one we need. Attach that to an email and send it over.

The Long Of It
Don’t ask why, just send them. Right now. I’ll wait while you do it.

Done yet? I’m not continuing until you click Send.

Good, with that out of the way, we can explain. While working on the design of the new Audio Hijack products, we realized that we didn’t know enough about how the bulk of our customers use the product.

For example, what is the average number of sessions, 2? 20? 200? The biggest session list I’ve ever seen in the wild was 253 (at which point Audio Hijack Pro fell over due to a bug that has since been fixed).

Or how about, what is the most popular input source? I’d guess RealPlayer or Safari. But there is an outside chance at Microphone inputs are now the most used input source.

Or the most popular recording file format? Probably the default setting of MP3 128kbps, but AAC may have overtaken it. Who knows though, maybe everybody records to 22kHz 16-bit AIFF.

Most of these guesses come from the interaction we get from customers while doing technical support. But these gut feelings tend to be wildly inaccurate. With a good sampling of session lists, all these mysteries would disappear, and we’d have a good tool for helping us design the future. That, and it would make a neat UTM post with charts and graphs showing the aggregated data.

So send us your sessions! Once again, that toll-free number is stats@rogueamoeba.com. Just attach that session list file (~/Library/Application Support/Audio Hijack Pro/SessionList.plist).

Thanks guys!

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