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…In The Shadow Of A Giant #%$&ing Tent

Right about this time (a couple weeks ago, actually), there should have been a trade show here on the east coast. I’m talking about Macworld Boston/Macworld New York/Macworld CreativePro/Macworld Boston, which had it’s last year in 2005. Sadly, it faded away when Macworld moved the show back to Boston. In 2004, it was tiny and 2005 was perhaps even smaller, as Apple declined to exhibit.

While bemoaning the lack of an east coast show, we realized that we’d never posted photos from Macworld 2006, where we exhibited. It’s a bit late for a true post-mortem, but we can at least share a few photos.

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A Mac ad full of foreshadowing Outside the Moscone Center
Apple’s booth, 16 hours before showtime Quentin and Mike setting up
Paul demoing the software Three Rogues, in action (Photo Credit: Jared Hanson)

While discussing the photos we had, Quentin and I came upon the shot seen below.

Quentin, Off To Work

I felt it was wistful, a shot that could be called “The Rogue Amoeba, off to another hard day at work, lunch in hand”. But Quentin had a different (though no less philosophical) interpretation, entitled “Find Our Booth”. In his words:

“It’s a very good perspective setter. When you buy your booth, you think ‘$5000, now I’ve got a booth, I’m the center of the world!’. But your booth is really a tiny corner of a tiny corner.”

Truer words were never spoken. And yet at the end of the day, you’re left wondering how you could possibly have talked to more people. If we saw you at MWSF, thanks for stopping by. As far as the east coast shows go, it’s been nice knowing you – you’ll live on in memories.

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