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Fair Use HeadphonesLast week, Quentin had the great idea to send site licenses for our software to one of our favorite organizations, the EFF. If you don’t know the EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation), well, where have you been? The EFF has been fighting for free speech and fair use in the digital age since 1990.

So we sent over site licenses along with our appreciation for their work. Not 45 minutes after I hit send on that simple email, I had a thank you phone call from Julie at the EFF. Even better was the “Thank You” email we got from Danny. I’ve reprinted it below with his permission:

“Julie passed this on. I’m sure you’ll get our collective thanks, but can I just say that I *really* appreciate this. I have a registered copy of Audio Hijack I use for recording committee deliberations, and it’s proven invaluable in our work monitoring Congress. I’ve often pondered the irony of using a tool to exercise my fair use rights upon clips of lobbyists advocating the outlawing of similar tools.

Thanks again — for your generosity, and your product.”

I thought that was just great (and at the same time, awful). But as long as the EFF is around, I feel a lot more confident that we’ll be able to keep doing what we do for you. If you like what we do, consider joining the EFF yourself.

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