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Although this week’s updates contain mainly maintenance fixes, we did throw in a handy feature in both Airfoil and Audio Hijack Pro. As seen to the right, each now has a new “Minimize To Menu Bar” preference.

The Minimize to Menu Bar Preference

When enabled, clicking the main window’s Minimize button will hide the application in the menu bar, showing a new status item. This menu bar item provides some basic hijack/record session controls for Audio Hijack Pro, and start/stop transmit controls for Airfoil. Many people have asked for a mini-mode in Audio Hijack Pro. This isn’t quite the same, but it should work well for some users.

Have a look at Minimize To Menu Bar in action with the movie below, then download the newest versions of Airfoil and Audio Hijack Pro.

Update (March 23, 2012): This feature was removed from Airfoil not terribly long after it was introduced. People have wound up on this page looking for similar but somewhat different functionality – the ability to have Airfoil run only in the menu bar. With Airfoil 4.7, we’ve now made that possible. Be sure to get the latest.

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