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Hello Ladies…

A few weeks ago, I conducted an interview with a Spanish Mac site called faq-mac.com. The interview was conducted in English (as I am sadly ignorant of Spanish), then translated over and posted here.

I spoke to Alf about reposting the interview directly here, as I thought he asked some interesting questions. He went above and beyond that, and has worked with Macsimum News to start a “Developers’ Corner” series. Last week our friend Brian Wilson of Unsanity was up in the first part of the series. It looks like my own interview is now available as well.

So how does all this relate to this post’s headline? Well, I first heard it was up from someone who mentioned seeing it on MacRumors, and sure enough there’s a thread there. They seem to have gotten a little off-topic. Nevertheless, I say again – “Hello ladies!”.

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