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Just over 9 months ago, we introduced you to Mike Ash, our very first employee. After three years of the founders going it alone, we knew it was time to grow, and we’ve continued that in 2006, with the addition of two new employees. We began our hiring process in January, and we’ve finally completed it.

First up is Joseph Spiros, Employee #005 with whom many of you may have already interacted. Joseph has taken over the lead on technical support and increased our support Truck Number. Joseph began back in March, and I realized that we’d neglected to introduce him to the public at large. So here he is ladies and gents. If you need to email for support, be sure to say “Hello”. You may wind up with a reply from me instead, but I’ll pass on your greeting.

Our most recent hire is Guy English, Employee #006, a refugee from the world of video game development. Guy has been working on a contract for us for a couple of months now, and this week we brought him on full-time. Unlike Mike during his own contract period, Guy has been working behind the scenes while contracting, and you’ve yet to see any of his handy work. However, he and Quentin are currently hunkered down working on the as-yet-unannounced AHT (Codename submissions welcome…), and he’ll also be working on other products.

With these two additions, we’ve doubled in size in the past 9 months, and that’s all the employee growth we have planned for now. But from this growth, our customers will enjoy streamlined support as well as new applications and updates to our existing product line. As always, stay tuned for the next big thing from Rogue Amoeba!

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