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Size Doesn’t Matter

Boing!If you don’t filter your mail, there’s a better than average chance you receive email regarding pills or potions to increase the length and girth of, well, about the only thing besides steel girders to which the word ‘girth’ is applied. Whether you have such an appendage is unimportant to the spammers, so long as they get to your inbox. This is an old story, at least in terms of Internet time, though the problem has been growing.

However, there’s a new twist today, as it seems there’s a slight chance that such an email may contain the return address ‘info@rogueamoeba.com’. To be clear, we don’t care about your size, nor your height, weight, or skin color. We’ve not sold any email addresses, nor are we sending any spam out. Some spammer, somewhere in the world, has simply chosen ‘info@rogueamoeba.com’ as the return address on a bundle of spam, and we’re getting the bounces. We’ve since killed that address for good, so any emails you get from it aren’t coming from us.

So to reiterate: Rogue Amoeba is not spamming you. We have not sold or shared your data, nor have we purchased it. A spammer somewhere is trading on our good name, and we can only hope that karma will find him.

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