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Universal Binaries And You

One month ago, we posted an article about our progress on the Intel switch. Two days ago, Apple unveiled the first publically-available Intel Chip Based Macs (ICBMs), specifically the new iMac and the horribly named MacBook Pro. The iMac is available immediately, while the MacBook Pro will be shipping starting in February. Macworld San Francisco was the absolute earliest most people expected to see ICBMs, so when Apple released them there was at least some surprise.

Most developers simply aren’t ready with Universal Binaries yet, including Rogue Amoeba. We’re hard at work on finishing them up (or will be, after Macworld San Francisco is complete), but it will still be some time before they’re done. While an exact date is impossible to give, we’re shooting to have them done by the end of February at the latest.

The problem for us (and you, as users) is that the software won’t do much under Rosetta emulation. It launches, but that’s about it, so if you’re considering moving to a new Intel machine you’ll want to be aware that our software will only work as a Universal Binary. Rest assured that we’re working on Universal Binaries, and if any of our applications are absolute must haves, hang on to your PowerPC based machine for just a bit longer. Stay tuned!

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