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Airfoil 2 Blasts Off Quietly

Just 10 months after releasing Airfoil we’ve released a major update, Airfoil 2. We’re posting this update to our page quietly, and planning a major press push for Macworld San Francisco on Tuesday, so you’re reading this, you’re ahead of the curve. Exciting, isn’t it?

Airfoil 2 is a near-complete overhaul of Airfoil, including a sleek new interface. We’ve also added the ability to pull audio directly from Dashboard widgets, control the RadioShark and pull audio from any audio device, and even to transmit all System Audio, using the optional SoundFlower component. Adjustments via audio effects, full AppleScript control and sending to password-protected units is all now possible as well.

But perhaps the biggest feature in Airfoil 2 is the ability to send to multiple units simultaneously, in sync. Using Airfoil and multiple AirPort Express units, you can now “wire” your house for sound, wirelessly! Clearly, we’re excited about this, and we hope you will be too.

So check out the Airfoil page for full details, then download Airfoil 2.

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