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Podcast Books! Getch Yer Podcast Books!

2005 has been a year for many things, but the biggest trend (in our industry, anyhow) has been the growth of podcasting. With that growth has come a cottage industry of podcasting books. We’ve not had a chance to peruse them all, but the following all contain reference to Audio Hijack Pro, so they can’t be all bad.

The ever-popular For Dummies series gives us Podcasting For Dummies, by Evo Terra and Tee Morris. Todd Cochrane put out Podcasting: Do-It-Yourself Guide, and Podcast Solutions comes from the minds of Michael Geoghegan and Dan Klass. All three are designed to be comprehensive guides to get started with or improve your podcast. Jack Herrington’s Podcasting Hacks contains some more advanced ideas as well as a how-to guide.

But for my money, and perhaps for yours, the book for Podcasting on the Mac is Andy Williams Affleck’s Take Control Of Podcasting On The Mac, an eBook from the Take Control series. This eBook is specific to the Mac, and you can read it right on your computer as you follow along. It also has a great run-through on using Audio Hijack Pro – all around, it’s a good bet for the beginning Mac podcaster.

If you’ve been wondered about podcasting, or interested in starting your own podcast, one of these books should get you on your way. Read the reviews, pick one out, and enjoy!

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