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I Think, Therefore iZac

About one year ago, Rogue Amoeba acquired Clamps, a CD duplication robot. We’ve used Clamps for several projects, but when we needed to make CDs for last month’s Podcast Expo, Clamps crapped out on us, and I was stuck making them by hand for hours. That’s not a fun task, let me tell you.

So, we went looking to replace Clamps, and we’ve now acquired iZac. iZac is a MicroBoards Orbit II, and while he does have some robotics, his loading mechanism uses gravity, instead of a slow, often finicky picker arm.

So without further ado, allow me to present iZac:

Say Hello To iZac

As with Clamps, iZac will be used for small runs and possibly for CD sales. First up, however, he’ll be making CDs for MacWorld San Francisco (Did I mention we’ll be in booth #431?). We actually got Clamps back from repairs, so right now we’re awash in CD duplicators, but that will speed up the process of creating thousands of discs for Macworld. And really, if one robot is good, isn’t two robots better? We think so.

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