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Pretentious Desktops!

A few days ago, Quentin was playing around in Photoshop, and created an outline version of Ammo the Amoeba, which you can see to the left. Coupling this with our logo text, we realized we had a bit of a nifty design. Personally, I’d like to see it turned into a tee shirt. Quentin thinks it’s too pretentious, however, in a “we’re so cool, we don’t even need full details in our logo” sort of way. He’s not wrong, I’ll give him that. Nonetheless, I’d still like to wear an outline of Ammo across my chest. Someday, perhaps.

Anyhow, Quentin instead created several different 1280 x 1024 desktop pictures. We’ve got these set to rotate randomly on our monitors, and they’re working nicely, so we thought we’d share them. If you like, you can download them below – they’re listed in my personal order of preference (the AH Pro desktop is something of a blob, unfortunately, due to the nature of its icon).



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