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Audio Hijack Pro And The Backward Bytes

Just this week we finally got Audio Hijack successfully hijacking audio from applications (not just audio devices) on our Intel-based Developer Transition Kit. This hijacking can be seen in the above image.

We’ve had the user interface and even most of the audio engine ported for the last couple months, but the hijacker itself took a bit longer to move over for various reasons. There’s still more work to be done on it (the Instant Hijack component, research into Rosetta support, etc.), but any fears of us not being able to make the switch to Intel should be put to rest now.

Currently we’re spending the majority of our time working on new things, but once Airfoil 2 ships, and MacWorld San Francisco (Booth #431, stop by and see us) is out of the way, we’ll probably make a concerted push to finish up the Universal builds of all our software.

Update: MacFixIt has an interesting article on how other developers are fairing with the transition as well.

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