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The State Of DRM

This week, two interesting links relating to Digital Rights Management (DRM) have appeared, both worth a read. The first is from the Electronic Frontier Foundation. The Deep Link post makes the unusual conclusion that the release of Rhapsody’s music service on the Mac and Linux is a sign that DRM is dying. I’m not sure the fact that streams can be recorded signifies that DRM is dead, but perhaps life will imitate Deep Link.

The second link comes from an op-ed piece in the New York Times. Damian Kulash, lead singer for one of my favorite bands, OK Go, discusses DRM from the perspective of a musician and a consumer. The point that can’t be stressed strongly is summed up in this sentence: “Conscientious fans, who buy music legally because it’s the right thing to do, just get insulted”. Have a read, and spread the word on what Digital Rights Management is doing to the average consumer.

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