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Gotta Catch ‘Em All

Just in time for Halloween, a scary uncomfortably close-up portrait taken at the Evening At Adler has taken on a new life. Yes, it’s finally happened, that day you’ve all been waiting for has arrived. Today, I am a trading card. I have become a piece of memorabilia to be passed around the internet at will. Soon throngs of adoring fans, both male and female, will be lining up at the Rogue Amoeba booth at Macworld San Francisco (Booth #431), or even the upcoming Podcast expo (Booth #410), requesting my signature.

For a limited time, you can request your own signed Paul Kafasis trading card. Just print out your own card and mail it to the Rogue Amoeba offices, along with a pen and a self-addressed stamped envelope (SASE). In four to six weeks, you’ll have your own signed Paul Kafasis trading card, guaranteed to double in value in just one year*. In lieu of payment, I will be keeping your pen. Act fast, this offer expires soon!**

You can see the full set of trading cards here. In the meantime, we really will be at the Podcast & Portable Media Expo November 11th and 12th, as well as Macworld San Francisco January 10th through the 13th, so we hope to see you at one of these events. See the previous calendar post for full details.

* Not actually a guarantee

** Not actually an offer

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