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Airfoil was first released to the public in March, and it’s proven to be quite popular. If you’ve got an AirPort Express and you haven’t checked out Airfoil, or if you’ve been holding off on buying an AirPort Express at all, Airfoil is definitely worth a look.

We’re now happy to announce the forthcoming Airfoil 2. We first announced to our mailing list that we’d begun work on Airfoil 2 at the end of July, and now we’re ready to preview it for the world to see. Airfoil 2 sports a whole new look, as well as some great new features. Check out the screenshots below.

Airfoil 2 Screenshots

Airfoil 2 Main Airfoil 2 Sources Airfoil 2 Effects

If pictures aren’t enough to whet your appetite, have a look at Airfoil 2’s feature list.

Airfoil 2 Features
• Brand-new, compact user interface
• Basic effects for audio adjustment, including our renowned 10-band equalizer
• Direct support for Griffin’s RadioShark and D-Link’s DSRB-100 USB radios
• Now transmits audio from Dashboard widgets
• Support for sending all audio from your Mac, with the System Audio option

Airfoil 2 is set to be released by the end of 2005, so keep your eye on the site or join the mailing list. The update will be free for all registered owners of Airfoil, meaning there’s no need to wait – if you purchase now (or if you’ve already purchased), you’ll get Airfoil 2 for free. So try out Airfoil 1 and start enjoying your AirPort Express to the fullest.

Oh, there’s one thing you’ll find in Airfoil 2. Many users have told us of their desire to send audio from their Mac to multiple AirPort Express units. Apple doesn’t allow for this with iTunes, and Airfoil 1 can’t do it either. That’s all about to change though, with Airfoil 2’s simultaneous support for multiple AirPort Express units!

Yes, you read that correctly, with Airfoil 2 you’ll be able to send audio from any application (including iTunes) to multiple AirPort Express units throughout your house. Anytime you want to add audio to another room, just plug in another AirPort Express. With Airfoil 2, your audio will go anywhere and everywhere you want. Stay tuned!

UPDATE: At this time, the Airfoil beta program is now closed. Thank you for your interest, and stay tuned for Airfoil 2!

Uncle Ammo Wants You!
Can’t wait for this update? You can join our beta team, by signing up for our forums here. Once you’ve done that, email af2beta@rogueamoeba.com with your full name and forum user name, and we’ll provide access to the private Tester Forum. The few. The proud. The testers.

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