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Allow Me To Present The Newest Rogue Amoeba

Exactly one month ago, Mike made his first post here on Under The Microscope. If you missed it, Mike presented a tour of Nicecast 1.8, the first major release upon which he’d worked. Today we brought Mike on full-time, hiring him as our first official employee. So it’s with great pleasure that I introduce to you Michael Ash, Rogue Amoeba Employee #004. You can see him to the right, holding one of our fabulous Ammo toys. Make him feel welcome, or at least like the naked rhizopod protozoan that he now is. And no, I’ve no idea how you make someone feel like a naked rhizopod protozoan.

For those who are curious and also math geeks, the first three employee numbers go to Quentin, Alex, and me. We’re not really sure who should get which though, so we’ve decided that I’m Employee #001.61803 (The Golden Ratio), Quentin is Employee #002.71828 (e, Euler’s Number) and Alex is Employee #003.14159 (π pi). One day, we’re going to have an employee database, and it’s not going to be happy to be full of irrational numbers.

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