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Recently we got an email from one of our users, Jim W., praising Audio Hijack Pro. He went on to explain how he’s using Audio Hijack Pro, and we thought it was worth sharing. In his own words:

“I’m a part-time musician, and one of the gigs I do every year is playing in the pit band for the Air Force Worldwide Talent Contest. Think “American Idol” Air Force style. We learn 60-70 tunes in a week, then rehearse them for a few days with the contestants, then have 3 nights of shows. As you can imagine, keeping track of that many tunes in that short of a time frame is pretty challenging.

This year I used Audio Hijack Pro, and it was a real timesaver. It was so easy to record the songs as we rehearsed them, and very quick to find them later. It saved our butts several times when we got into a contestant rehearsal and couldn’t quite remember that intro we had worked out, etc. Not to mention catching that random spontaneous jam during a break that you wished you had recorded… no more wishing! I even used it to record the band during the shows, when there is no time to screw around… it’s that easy to use.”

You can see Jim at work on the right, with Audio Hijack Pro just barely visible on his PowerBook. Click the picture for a larger version. It’s always great to hear about interesting and creative uses of Audio Hijack Pro such as this. Are you doing something cool (or even just something really weird) with one of our products? Shoot us an email and let us know.

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