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900,000 To Go

SigsToday Audio Hijack Pro (and all the libraries that go into it) passed the 100,000 lines of code marker. For the last few weeks, the line count had been hovering around 97,000 to 98,000. But yesterday while doing some maintenance work on alert dialogs, I saw that we were just about to roll past 100,000.

For the 100,000th line, we wanted to do something special (and avoid having it be a newline). So we scanned in our pen and ink signatures, and made a special “100,000th Line Of Code” image. Instead of simply including the image as a file in the application, we encoded it into the source. So in a sense, the 100,000th line is our signatures on the application. Specifically, I believe it’s the first “e” in my own signature.

Then, we put the 100 KLOC commemorative image into the secret about box, and took the rest of the day off. Hey, the important coding was done for the day, right?

proton:~/Projects/main qdc$ constructor linecount-all ahpro
Audio Hijack Pro   :
              libah:        6 source files     2140 source lines
  AudioHijackServer:        5 source files     1480 source lines
   ra script helper:        8 source files     1017 source lines
    ra timer helper:        5 source files     1382 source lines
              sw4fx:       52 source files    17662 source lines
         sw4fxViews:       24 source files     2283 source lines
    sw4fxPatchViews:       30 source files     4473 source lines
       sw4fxPlugins:       43 source files    11394 source lines
            auverse:       40 source files    11784 source lines
     AudioHijackKit:      100 source files    15573 source lines
            Protein:      130 source files    15907 source lines
    ExtrasInstaller:       11 source files     1525 source lines
 Audio Hijack Pro 2:       89 source files    13380 source lines

        13 projects:      543 source files   100000 source lines

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