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Begun, The Amoeba War Has

We’ve been working on a secret project for several months, and now the time has finally come to unveil it. It’s not a new piece of software, but it is soft. Without further ado, allow me to introduct to you the plush Ammo The Amoeba! 

We’ve had t-shirts for some time (limited quantities still available), but we felt what the world really needed was a stuffed version of our mascot, Ammo the Amoeba. The plushes are custom-designed and include a tush tag for identification as well as a hangtag featuring instructions on proper amoeba care.

You can purchase your very own plush Ammo, complete with information tag, for just $6 plus shipping. For more information on the plush Ammos and our shirts, please see our Merchandise page, or head over to the Store directly.

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