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What’s Really New In Audio Hijack Pro 2.5

Here’s a more complete version history for Audio Hijack Pro 2.5. We always have to sell ourselves short for the sake of brevity. The front page news bite mentions 4 new things, the press release lists 8. The actual number of significant changes is somewhere above 50.


  • AppleScript: Fully Applescriptable
  • Audio Sources: New Radio Input source (supports RadioShark and DSB-R100)
  • Audio Sources: New ‘System Audio’ source (Soundflower)
  • Audio Sources: New ‘Silence Input’ and ‘Silence Output’ audio devices
  • Audio Sources: Audio Device source buffer size selector
  • Audio Sources: Audio Device source channel selector
  • Hijacking: New Advanced Fill Gaps options
  • Hijacking: New Suppress RealPlayer Errors preference
  • Other: Built-in Soundflower Installer
  • Other: New Disk Status window
  • Other: New Registration window
  • Plugins: Application Mixer plugin
  • Plugins: Cocoa AudioUnit support
  • Plugins: AudioUnit Generators support
  • Plugins: VoiceOver buffer size selector
  • Recording Bin: New Date Created column, and various tweaks
  • Recording: AAC/ALAC files are now Fast-Start enabled
  • Recording: AAC quality selector
  • Recording: Silence Monitor ‘Stop Recording After’ option
  • Recording: Added strftime() variable support (%frmt_ + strftime variable)
  • Timers: Overlapping timer detection


  • AppleScript: Now supports executing resource-fork based AppleScripts
  • Audio Sources: Now handles Audio Device hotplugging better
  • Hijacking: ‘Relaunch’ warning dialog now skipped when invoked by a timer
  • Hijacking: Turning Hijacker off now turns the Recorder off too (unless you hold down Shift)
  • Hijacking: Instant Hijack updated to v1.4.6
  • Timers: Timers will now pre-empt each other if they overlap on the same target
  • Interface: Now remembers selection preferences
  • Interface: ‘Advanced’ buttons in source panes
  • Interface: Updated Source icons
  • Interface: Variables popup in the Recording pane now shows up in the text fields that support variables
  • Plugins: Knobs now support scrollwheels
  • Plugins: Plugin files now be dragged & dropped into Patch slots
  • Other: Now requires MacOS X 10.3.0
  • Other: Instant Hijack now comes with APE 1.5
  • Other: Registration Noise now ramps up
  • Recording: AAC/ALAC files now have their creator code set to iTunes
  • Recording: Bookmarkable AACs now have use ‘.m4a’ file extension (again)
  • Recording: Now creates the output folder if it is missing
  • Recording: Now uses LAME 3.96.1 for MP3 encoding
  • Recording: Adjusted MP3 Quality slider to better match recommended LAME encoder settings

Bug Fixes

  • AppleScript: Improved error recovery when executing scripts
  • Bookmarks: Minor fixes to bookmark parsers
  • Hijacking: Improved stability for some 3rd party devices
  • Interface: ‘Application’ selector popup now correctly remembers its Recent Items
  • Interface: ‘Cancel’ button in the ‘Advanced Hijacking Options’ dialog now correctly Cancels
  • Interface: Fixed Session menu to not incorrectly disable items sometimes
  • Interface: Fixed long-standing bug where Effects sliders would miss clicks
  • Other: Audio Hijack Pro 1 Presets are now only imported on the first launch
  • Other: Fixed bug where crashlogs were not being generated correctly
  • Other: Fixed many minor memory leaks
  • Other: Fixed bug where you were limited to 230 sessions
  • Plugins: Fixed “Jumping Effects” bug where Effects would move around the Patch on their own
  • Plugins: Fixed a crashing bug when Effects windows were closed quickly
  • Recording: Handles cleaning up quit better
  • Timers: Now handles daylight saving time better

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