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Audio Hijack Pro 2.5 Touches Down

Last week we updated four of our five major products, with Detour and Nicecast getting updates on the 18th followed by Audio Hijack and Airfoil on the 21st. These updates were largely for Tiger compatibility, but today we’ve got a major update for Audio Hijack Pro 2.5. This update does of course bring full compatibility with OS X 10.4 (Tiger), but we’ve also added a slew of new features. In fact, when we stepped back and looked at it, we realized Audio Hijack Pro 2.5 is our most significant free update ever.

To start, version 2.5 brings full AppleScriptability to Audio Hijack Pro, allowing for users to add on to all that it does. We’ve also added two new input sources, AM/FM Radio and System Audio. AM/FM Radio provides direct support for Griffin’s RadioShark as well as D-Link’s DSB-R100 radios, while System Audio allows all audio playing in OS X to be captured at once. For everyone creating Podcasts, we’ve added the new Application Mixer plugin, allowing multiple audio sources to be mixed into one audio recording. All this and much more is freely available to all Audio Hijack Pro 2 users.

All Audio Hijack Pro 2 users should update now. If you’re still using Audio Hijack Pro 1, or if you’ve never used Audio Hijack Pro at all, click to learn more about our premier audio recording utility. You can also check out the full press release.

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