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Updates To Detour, Nicecast, And MemoryCell

OS X 10.4 is coming soon (April 29th, to be exact), and we’re updating our software for full compatibility. First up is Detour 1.5.3, which enables Detour to work properly with OS X 10.4. For uninterrupted performance, be sure to update Detour before you upgrade to OS X 10.4.

Meanwhile, Nicecast 1.7.3 adds several new features on top of full 10.4 compatibility, including the new Silence Generator audio input device and the new Application Mixer plugin. We’ve also corrected bugs relating to Track Titles, external servers, and more.

We’ve even updated MemoryCell for 10.4 compatibility, to prevent it from displaying erroneous data. You can download Detour 1.5.3, Nicecast 1.7.3, and MemoryCell 2.0.1 right now. If you’re new to any of these applications, click to learn more about Detour, Nicecast or MemoryCell.

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