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Poisson d’Avril

To be clear, Rogue Amoeba is not transforming into a cosmetics company, whimsical though the idea may be. Yesterday, you see, was the first of April, a day of jokes and pranks and laughter all around. If you were made an April Fool (or Poisson d’Avril in the French – literally, April Fish), well then you should re-calibrate your gullibility levels. If you saw the joke and were amused, wonderful.

All of our April Fool’s jokes are always accessible with the rougeamoeba.com domain. My personal favorite was our very first, in 2003, but perhaps we can top that next year. Mark your calendar. Better yet, don’t, and perhaps you too can be the April Fish.

Meanwhile, updates to Audio Hijack Pro, Airfoil, and Detour are all currently being worked on. Expect Audio Hijack Pro 2.5 sometime in the next month or so – it’s jam packed with features, and that’s no joke. As always, stay tuned for more. Same Rogue time, same Rogue channel.

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