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Crucial Airfoil Bugs Fixed In Version 1.0.1

On Tuesday, we were happy to unveil Airfoil 1.0, the first and best way to send any audio from any application directly to remote speakers attached to Apple’s renowned AirPort Express device. It’s proved tremendously popular, and with wide-spread exposure has come the detection of several bugs. These bugs are affecting a small minority of users, but we want Airfoil to work for everyone.

We’ve fixed several issues, including problems with disconnections from the AirPort Express and a bug with the speed of audio being sent by Airfoil. We’re still working on some issues with connections, but we recommend that everyone update to Airfoil 1.0.1 immediately by downloading it here. If you missed the news on Airfoil, click to learn more about our newest application, then try it out.

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