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I was going to save showing this off until we were a bit closer to release, but here it is anyhow:

App. Mixer

This is the new “Application Mixer” plugin for Audio Hijack Pro (and eventually Nicecast too). Application Mixer makes it simple to mix audio from multiple applications into a single recording.

This particular screenshot shows me recording Audio Line In, iTunes, iChat, all at once, into a single file.

Application Mixer works like the current VoiceOver effect we already have. You drop it into the effects patch, and it mixes its audio on top of the source audio. As well, since it resides in the patch, you can do per-application effects too. So it’s real easy to do things like boosting the volume of Skype but not iTunes in a recording.

We decided to put Application Mixer together based on feedback from the last podcast post. It seemed that the biggest podcasting stumbling block people are having is getting all their audio sources mixed together. Hopefully Application Mixer will settle that problem. Stay tuned for more.

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