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Meet MemoryCell – The Price Is Right

As a late present for the holiday season, we’re happy to unveil our latest Freebie, MemoryCell. MemoryCell is a MenuExtra for OS X that provides a quick overview on the memory (RAM) being used by each of your applications. Install MemoryCell, and you can monitor the memory usage of the foreground application. Use this knowledge to restart any application that’s slowing down your system by using too much memory.

We’ve also updated our LineIn Freebie to version 2. This version is completely redesigned and features several advanced options as well as a streamlined setup process. If you need to input audio from an external device, recreating OS 9’s “Play input through output device” option, then LineIn is perfect for you. Check out LineIn and MemoryCell, only for OS X 10.3. Both are available for download on our Freebies page, free of charge, naturally.

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