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The Square Mile

This past week I was in London, attending the MacExpo and representing Rogue Amoeba at the 2004 MacUser Awards. Our very own Audio Hijack Pro 2 was nominated for Utiity Of The Year, against Apple’s XGrid and Kristofer Szymanski’s Cocktail, and I attended the extravagent black tie ceremony in London’s Park Lane Hotel. The ceremony was great, and like any real-world activity, it provided a chance to meet some people we’d previously only corresponded with via email.

The obvious highlight of the evening was when the Utility category finally came up, the last of the judge-chosen awards. Coming in to this category, Apple’s years-long dominance was continuing, going a perfect six for six in catagories for which they’d been nominated. All that changed, however, when Audio Hijack Pro 2 was announced as the winner! Everyone at Rogue Amoeba is flattered and honored. We’d like to thank all the judges, as well as our agents.

They Love Us! They Really Love Us!

The rest of the time in London was spent taking in the city. Maxine got around, doing the typical London activities and visiting the brand-new Apple Store on Regent Street. See more below.

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Riding A Double Decker Bus At The Famous Piccadilly Circus Fountain …And Beneath The Piccadilly Ads
In A London Phonebooth The Line For The Apple Store (First Day!) Posing On The Second Floor Of The Store
Waiting For Help At The Genius Bar With Her New Friend Conrad (Great Hair!) And Finally, Taking In A Show

Maxine and I got a lot of odd looks (and had a lot of fun) traipsing around London, and hopefully these pictures were good for a laugh. Now we’re back in the States and it’s back to business at Rogue Amoeba. As always, stay tuned for more great software. Now more award-winning than ever!

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