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I finally got around to packaging up my latest little utility, Xcode Display Swapper. It’s a plugin for Xcode that lets you quickly swap all the windows from one display, with another.

I normally use it when I’m working on two projects at once, say Audio Hijack Pro and AudioHijackKit. I put one on each display, and then just hit F5 to swap which one is in front of me. Once you get use to working with it, you can’t live without it.

When I originally implemented Display Swapper, I just did it the easy way, and had all the windows “jump” instantaneously from one display to the other. And although it worked, it would leave you a bit disorientated for a second. So I went back and implemented a Expose-style sliding-window effect, where all the windows smoothly slide across the displays. It looks cool, and simultaneously improves the user experience.

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