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Podcasting Thoughts

I try not to get too caught up in whatever the latest buzz is, but I just can’t help it with podcasting.

It intrigues me because it looks like another nice case where we can use our technological leverage to make a new product. Just as Nicecast is a rearrangement of the technology in Audio Hijack, creating a PodCaster application would be much the same. We already have the libraries for getting audio from Line In and other applications, and for saving that to MP3 or AAC, and doing any needed effects processing. The missing pieces would be a mixer, an RSS generator, and some FTP code to publish it all.

And with that, we’d have an entire Podcast Studio in one neat little application. It’s a formula that’s worked for us before, taking something that was possible, and making it easy.

The question that lingers though is, what kind of market is there for this kind of application? I currently see podcasting as an incremental improvement over audio blogging, and everybody knows how popular audio blogging is (Answer? Not very). But maybe podcasting is the improvement that puts it over the top, that once you get everything automated, it then becomes popular.

I suppose we’ll just have to play wait and see some more, as much as I’m tempted to forge ahead anyhow.

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