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Maybe you’ve been waiting for months, or maybe you just heard about us – either way, Audio Hijack Pro 2 has arrived. It’s a massive update (over 35 new features!) to our popular audio recording application and it’s also our the first time we’re charging for an upgrade – that’s how big this update is. So if you’re a registered user of Audio Hijack Pro 1.x, you can upgrade to Audio Hijack Pro 2 for just $10 (if you purchased since 5/1/2004, the upgrade is free and automatic – just use the same code). New users can purchase the full version for just $32.

We invite anyone and everyone who uses digital audio to read about the new version and then download it for a free test drive. You can also view the full PR for this release here.

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Flying Meat Unsanity
Flying Meat Unsanity

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