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Audio Hijack Pro 2.0 Development Status

It’s been over a month since we announced Audio Hijack Pro 2, so I figure it’s time to give everybody a status update about how it is coming along.

First, the good news: Everything that has been announced (on the Coming Soon page and in the Press Release), is more or less done. There is some debugging left, and a lot of polish to apply, but all those features listed will be there in when 2.0 ships.

Now, the not so good news: It is already July, and we are still planning on a “summer 2004” release, which means we are running out of time to add anything above and beyond what was announced. We have some little things in the works still, but big things like say, the Batch Converter feature that we always wanted, aren’t going to make it into the 2.0 release. Those features we couldn’t get to get rescheduled into the 2.5, 2.7, 3.0, or ‘Future’ release plans.

Some more good news: For the majority of the develop time of AHP2, the overall layout of the user interface was up in the air. We tried probably a half dozen different designs, but weren’t very happy with any of them. And while the perfect design will always elude us, we now have one that is good enough to ship:

AHP2 Input     AHP2 Recording

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