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The Incredible Shrinking Audio Hijack

Audio Hijack 2.1 is out. The big change is under the hood, an updated hijacking system that won’t break between OS updates.

A side effect of this, is the application now takes up less disk space. The difference is about 700k, which is unimportant to just about everybody, except us. We like to keep the size down, as it reduces our website bandwidth costs, one of the few costs of selling software online (1/25th of a cent per download currently).

Here’s a list of the size of the compressed disk image, for every Audio Hijack release thus far:

1.0.0: 1.9 MB
1.5.0: 2.0 MB
1.6.0: 2.0 MB
1.6.5: 2.3 MB
2.0.0: 1.3 MB
2.0.1: 1.4 MB
2.0.2: 1.4 MB
2.0.3: 1.5 MB
2.1.0: 1.2 MB

The file size creeps up in minor releases, but gets pushed down again in major releases (1.6.6 to 2.0, 2.0.3 to 2.1), as we stuff more features into less bits.

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