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Meet And Greet

Come and meet some of the Rogue Amoebas in person! Admit it – you’ve always wanted to meet the minds behind Rogue Amoeba Software. And who can blame you? Like Michael Jordan or the Statue Of Liberty, we’re larger than life. Now, you’ve got the chance to bask in our radiance for a little while – at the O’Reilly Mac OS X Conference. From oreillynet.com:

“A special presentation for Wednesday evening at the show will include past and current winners and each honoree will provide a brief update about the status of his/her project. Then, after the updates, the entire panel will field questions from the audience about how to develop award winning apps for the Mac. ”

In all seriousness, come, join us, say hello. We’re cool people who’d love to meet you. But please, no autographs.

Or, if you aren’t currently registered or don’t want to pay for a pass, get your free Exhibits Hall only pass, and come check out our booth on Tuesday or Wednesday.

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