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Presenting…Audio Hijack 2! We’ve been toiling day and night and it’s finally arrived. With all the recording features of Audio Hijack 1, a beautiful new interface and many new features, Audio Hijack 2 is a must download. Whether you’re new to Audio Hijack or you registered the 1.0, you should click here for more information and to download, or read the full press release here. Audio Hijack 2 is a free update for registered users of Audio Hijack 1.6.5 and lower.

We’ve also released version 1.1 of our audio routing tool Detour, with OS X 10.1 support, and many, many bug fixes. All users should grab this update today. Click here for more information and to download.For the Audio Hijack Pro users, AH Pro is still under development, of course! We don’t have a release planned for it just yet, but there will be updates soon, including one for 10.3 compatibility.

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