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Santa Clara, Here We Come

You may have seen that Audio Hijack Pro won an OS X Innovators Award, or seen my interview on macdevcenter.com, an O’Reilly sub-site. And no, Alex is not a Soviet spy. The Cold War is over people, it’s time to move on. Anyhow, as part of our prize, we won two full passes to the O’Reilly OS X Conference. We weren’t sure if we were going, until we learned that we would also be able to obtain a booth!

So I’m happy to announce that Rogue Amoeba Software will be well represented at the 2003 O’Reilly Mac OS X Conference. It’s not really the same as the MacWorld Expos, it’s more for “industry types”, but we hope we’ll see one or two familar faces. You can get in to the Exhibit Hall for free here, or you can buy a pass for the Keynote speeches and the Exhibit Hall for $50. If you’ll be there, plan to come to our booth and say hi, we’d love to meet you. Hopefully, our presence will enable us to gain publicity and recognition with the Mac press, and foster more relationships with other businesses.

Hope to see some of you there, especially if you’re in the Santa Clara area – again, click to get your free passes.

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