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From The Front Lines…

We’ve been quiet about what we are planning for awhile now, so here’s a quick rundown of the entire product line.

   Now shipping! Medium, Large and Extra-Large, $12 + Shipping

Audio Hijack Pro v1.2.3
   Just bug fixes in this release, shipping in the next week or two.

Detour v1.0.0
   Wrapping up development, entering polishing & testing. Complete details and screenshots in the new Detour forum. Should ship before July.

Audio Hijack v2.0.0
   Yes, Audio Hijack, the non-Pro version, still lives. AH2 is a complete rewrite of Audio Hijack 1, check out this forum post for more details. This is just entering development, and hopefully shipping before September.

   Naturally, our plans extend beyond this, but we’ll spare you the details for now.

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