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Our New Test Release System

Users frequently ask if they can sign up to beta test for us. While we don’t have a public beta program, we’re now introducing a new way you can try out changes to our products before the general public: test releases.

Test releases are the precursor to full, official releases of our software, and provide early access to new features and functionality. Though not recommended for those with production systems, these releases are vetted internally, and should be suitable for general use. Whenever we post a test release, you can be sure we’ll be watching feedback extra closely, so be sure to let us know how they work.

How to Access Test Releases

With last week’s update to Fission, every application in our product line now features the ability to access test releases. It couldn’t be simpler, as test releases show up right in the application’s built-in software update system. Once you enable the “Check for test releases” hidden preference, the software will look for test releases in addition to normal updates.

To do that, follow the directions here, or check out our snazzy instructional video on Instagram:

Once you activate the “Check for test releases” hidden pref, you’ll be alerted when a new test release is available for that particular application.1

Big Test Releases, Coming Soon

At the time of this publication, we don’t have any test releases available just yet. However, we’re hard at work on updates to support MacOS 12 (Monterey), and we plan to distribute those via the test release system first. We hope to have test releases with support for Monterey in the very near future.

Whether you’re already on Monterey, or if you’re just interested in getting the latest and greatest from Rogue Amoeba as early as possible, turn on test releases and stay tuned.


  1. To access test releases for multiple Rogue Amoeba products, be sure to turn on the hidden pref for each application individually. ↩︎

Fission 2.7.1 Is Now Available; Fission Exits the Mac App Store

We’ve just posted Fission 2.7.1, the latest version of our audio editor. This update provides a handful of small improvements, as well as initial support for MacOS 12 (Monterey). 1

For most of Fission’s users, getting this update will be a snap. If you purchased Fission directly from our site, just select “Check for Update” from the Fission menu, and you’ll be all set.

As of today’s release, Fission is no longer being sold via the Mac App Store. If you’re a new user looking to purchase Fission, you can do so directly through our site. That’s now the exclusive place to purchase a license for Fission.

Mac App Store Customers: Get the Direct Version

We want to be sure to our customers who previously purchased Fission via the Mac App Store are taken care of as well. To that end, we will be transitioning you over to our directly distributed version.

This transition process is fast, free, and follows the same system we used successfully with Piezo in 2016. Verified purchasers of the Mac App Store version of Fission can obtain a complimentary license key for the directly distributed version, enabling you to continue using the latest versions of Fission without interruption.

We encourage you to make that transition immediately. To get started, click below:

 Transition to the Direct Version →


Future Mac App Store Distribution

For almost twenty years, we’ve sold our software directly to our customers via our online store. Our fast and secure purchase process has served our customers very well. Since the Mac App Store opened in 2011, we’ve also experimented there. However, despite a decade of feedback from countless developers and users, Apple has made scant few changes and the store remains beset with issues. When you couple the many shortcomings and issues with Apple’s restrictive policies that preclude most of our software from appearing there, the Mac App Store is clearly a poor fit for us. With the removal of Fission, we no longer have any products in the Mac App Store.

We know that some users prefer to purchase software through the Mac App Store, and we’ll continue evaluating it for use as a sales channel in the future. Unfortunately, at present, it is simply not a viable distribution channel for us. If that changes, we will of course consider providing our software there again.

In the meantime, we’ll be focusing our efforts on providing a fast and easy experience testing and purchasing our software right from our website. We have always provided a seamless purchase process via our store, and we always will.


  1. With this update, Fission joins Farrago in offering initial support for Monterey. We’re hard at work on updates for the rest of our product line, so keep an eye on our Status page for more details on updates to Airfoil, Audio Hijack, Loopback, Piezo, and SoundSource, all coming soon. ↩︎

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