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Fission – Still Helping You Make iPhone Ringtones

Three years after the feature was first introduced, Apple has removed the ability to create and purchase custom ringtones from iTunes. Whether the shame of the ridiculous pricing finally got to Apple or they simply removed the feature due to a lack of popularity, the most heavily-promoted way to make ringtones for the iPhone is […]

Fission Loves All DRM-Free Audio

A little over a year and a half ago, Apple unveiled iTunes Plus, their DRM-free audio tracks for sale in the iTunes store. At the time, we were very hopeful that this spelled the death of frustrating DRM audio tracks, which prevented legitimate uses by customers. Things took a bit longer than expected, but by […]

Fission 1.6.1 And A Job Opening

Today brings another minor update, this time to our audio editor Fission. We released Fission 1.6 a few weeks back, which brought some big new updates, including directly saving iPhone ringtones, as well as the ability to insert silence. Fission 1.6.1 brings with it two important bug fixes, to prevent rare crashes. This is of […]

Shame Seeps Through

Last week, we released Fission 1.6, which includes the ability to quickly and easily save a song as a ringtone for the iPhone. This update leverages the code we’ve used in our free MakeiPhoneRingtone, but while MakeiPhoneRingtone requires an AAC file as the source, Fission works with any audio file, automatically converting to AAC as […]

Fission 1.6 Brings iPhone Ringtones

It’s been many months since our audio editor Fission has seen an update, but in that time it’s continued to gain users and popularity. Today, we’ve got a new version, Fission 1.6, replete with new features and improvements. The biggest update is that Fission now has built-in iPhone Ringtone saving, using the same method found […]

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