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Rogue Amoeba’s 2020 Status Report

With the new year not being so new anymore, it’s well past time for Rogue Amoeba’s annual status report. Read on for a recap of what we did in 2019, as well as a look at our plans for 2020. Major Updates In 2019, we had almost 50 different releases across our line. As always, […]

Audio Editing With Fission 2.5

The latest update to our easy-to-use audio editor Fission is now available. Fission 2.5 can be downloaded directly from our site, as well as in the Mac App Store. This update brings full support for MacOS 10.15 (Catalina), along with additional updates and improvements. Full Dark Mode Support Fission has long offered a choice between […]

Rogue Amoeba’s 2018 Status Report

In January of 2017, I posted a summary of our 2016, and a peek at plans for 2017. With today’s post, this becomes an annual tradition. Read on for a roundup of what happened in 2017 and a look at some of our plans for 2018. Recap of Releases Though neither was a major product […]

Use Fission 2.4 to Save Custom iPhone Ringtones

If you have an iPhone or even an iPad or iPod Touch, you may already know how much fun custom ringtones can be. Using custom tones, you can set the special song you share with your spouse to play whenever they call you. By assigning unique sounds to specific contacts in your address book, you […]

Fission 2: Audio Editing, Better Than Ever

Since 2006, our application Fission has been one of the most popular ways to edit audio on the Mac, with none of the quality loss caused by typical audio editors. It’s been great for quick edits of recordings from both Audio Hijack Pro and Piezo, as well as creating iPhone ringtones, editing iTunes Music Store […]

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