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Audio Hijack 4 Is the Best App Update of 2022

Earlier this week, the 2022 MacStories Selects Awards were announced, recognizing the best apps of the year, We were incredibly honored to find Audio Hijack 4 had been named the Best App Update of the year.

MacStories Selects 2022 Best App Update: Audio Hijack 4

In his write-up, Federico Viticci sagely noted “[i]t’s always challenging for a productivity app used by tens of thousands of professionals who demand consistency and reliability…to reinvent itself without disrupting people’s workflows and causing irreparable damage to its longterm reputation”. It is indeed no small thing to release an app update that moves the state-of-the-art forward without negatively impacting existing users. We’re gratified to hear that others feel we pulled it off.

A visual progression to Audio Hijack 4; See more in “The Design of Audio Hijack 4

Our whole company has been celebrating this award, because Audio Hijack 4 was an enormous team effort. Lead developer Grant Farr and designer Neale Van Fleet are particularly deserving of praise, but everyone here at Rogue Amoeba played a part in making Audio Hijack 4 great. We’re tremendously proud of the update and thrilled to be recognized by MacStories. We hope you like the new version as well.

If you’re new to Audio Hijack or if you’re an older Audio Hijack user who hasn’t yet had a chance to check out Audio Hijack 4, there’s no better time. And if you’re already using Audio Hijack 4? Stay tuned, because we’ve got even more coming very soon in a free Audio Hijack 4.1 update.

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