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Farrago 1.5 Packs a Powerful List Mode and Much More

After many months of hard work, we’re pleased to announce the immediate availability of Farrago 1.5, the latest and greatest version of our soundboard software.

This free update is a big one, with over 30 new features and enhancements. Read more about it below, or just visit Farrago’s product page to download Farrago 1.5 now.

Massive New List Mode Functionality

The most notable change you’ll see in Farrago 1.5 is the overhauled List mode. When using a set in List mode, Farrago helps you run linear performances, from well-planned podcasts to theater shows and other live events. You can order audio clips, attach notes for reference, and play it all in sequence.

With this update, Farrago’s List mode has gained tremendous power. Playback can be configured so the next tile is queued up and ready to be started with a single key press. Alternately, you can have Farrago automatically play through your list of audio, with optional fades between tiles. The per-tile notes are now much more robust, with working URLs and inline editing. Best of all, the easy “Reset List” button makes it a breeze to reuse your lists over and over again.

Of course, if you don’t know exactly what sounds you’ll want ahead of time, Farrago’s Grid mode remains as powerful as ever.

Duck Output With the Powerful New Master Volume

Another major update in Farrago 1.5 can be found in the enhanced Master Volume switch, which now offers two distinct settings (Master Volume A and Master Volume B).

These distinct levels make it possible to duck Farrago’s audio down, and fade it back up, with a quick mouse click or keyboard press. And if you need to temporarily mute output, that’s now just a click away as well.

Substantial Interaction Updates

For this release, we also spent a good deal of time improving interactions throughout the application. The Now Playing area at the top of the main window now shows more detail, with playback status shown visually. The Sets list can now be manually sorted, and both it and the Inspector can be re-sized. Farrago’s main window can also be made quite a bit narrower, for use on small displays. Tiles have been polished as well, with better text sizing, and a new right-click contextual menu for fast access to many controls.

All these changes, and many others, make Farrago more effortless to use than ever before.

Dozens of Additional Features and Improvements

This version brings dozens more improvements and features, including per-tile output controls, enhanced MIDI controls with support for sliders and knobs, the ability to temporarily disable tiles, and much, much more. Have a look at the “Release Notes” window, found in Farrago’s “Help” menu, to read about all the changes.

Download Farrago Now

Farrago 1.5 is a free update for our existing customers. Just select “Check for Update” from the Farrago menu to get the latest.

If you’re new to Farrago, our soundboard app is the perfect partner for your podcast, theater show, or other live performance. Use the links below to download the free trial, and to learn more on the Farrago product page.

Helpful Farrago Links

SoundSource Gives You Volume Control of Any Audio Outputs, Including HDMI and DisplayPort Devices

Do you have an audio device which doesn’t allow for volume control when connected up to your Mac? When sending audio to a display connected via HDMI or DisplayPort, or to any non-standard digital audio device, MacOS will offer no volume adjustment. Worse, pressing the volume keys on your keyboard just shows a frustrating on-screen display.

With our audio control utility SoundSource, you can turn that frustration into satisfaction.

SoundSource gives you volume control over any audio output devices, even those the system refuses to adjust. Better still, the “Super Volume Keys” feature enables your keyboard volume controls to adjust any device as well.

We’ve written up a brief Knowledge Base article explaining how this all works. Give it a read and try out SoundSource to gain volume control over all your audio output devices.

Come Attend Everywhere School

I’m going to take a quick break from my usual posts about audio software design to talk about about a special personal side project I’m launching today: Everywhere School.

Everywhere School is a real-time web directory of educational live streams for kids stuck at home during the Covid-19 pandemic. The site shows a live chronological list of upcoming streams from artists, musicians, authors, and more. I’m adding streams each day, and will keep adding more as this isolation period goes on. Submissions are welcome.

Everywhere School Screenshot

I limit screen time for my kid, but these live streams have given our long days a much-needed combination of education, entertainment, and just plain seeing another gosh darn real person in real time.

The night before last, my family watched a live concert, after which we tuned in to a short talk on astronomy. That stream included a telescope tour of the moon’s Sea of Tranquility, as well as guidance for watching as the International Space Station orbited over our city. We managed a tour of outer space, all while keeping in strict isolation.

Everywhere School was built in a week or so of spare time in partnership with a web developer. In this difficult time, we hope it can give some relief to both bored children and stressed parents.

Start Live Streaming With Audio Hijack 3.7

Today, we’re unveiling an all-new live streaming feature in our latest release of Audio Hijack. With the new Live Stream block in Audio Hijack 3.7, it’s now possible to transmit audio to services using the Real-Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP).

We teased this new functionality in our recent Status Report, with plans to ship it later in the year. However, with people confined to their homes the world over, we received extensive user requests to make live streaming available immediately. In response, we worked to get this out much sooner than planned. We’re now pleased to be able to provide musicians, DJs, and other content creators with another way to share and monetize their work.

Read on to learn more or just download the latest Audio Hijack now.

Live Streaming Made Easy

With Live Stream and Audio Hijack, you can pull audio from any app on your Mac and send it out to an RTMP server. Of course, all of Audio Hijack’s powerful audio handling features work in conjunction with this, making it a snap to create professional quality setups.

With just a few clicks, you can get a free stream up and running with one of the services offered by major platforms, including Periscope, Twitch, and YouTube Live. Live streaming is great for offering a live feed while recording a podcast, or transmitting content like concerts and DJ sets. These live streams are great for listeners as well, since they can tune in right through their browsers, as well as in branded apps.

Setting things up in the Live Stream block is quick and easy:

While RTMP is often used for transmitting camera feeds, the Live Stream block is designed around audio content. Along with the high quality audio, it creates a supplemental video feed automatically, with a variety of options available to customize this video content with automated track title display, audio visualizers, and more. Live Stream will even analyze album artwork and select the perfect complimentary color scheme.

With the new Live Stream block and your streaming platform of choice, you can stream content to people around the globe with ease.

Beta Release; Feedback Requested

Because we’ve sped up the release of this new functionality, Live Stream is not as widely tested as we’d like. As a result, we’ve chosen to apply a “Beta” tag to the block. We welcome you to start streaming with Live Stream, but those with mission-critical use cases may wish to wait. We expect to improve Live Stream further via additional updates.

We’re eager to learn how folks make use of the new Live Stream block, and to hear about any rough edges. Please, get in touch to tell us about how you’re using Live Stream, as well as any problems you run in to.

Download Audio Hijack 3.7 Now

Audio Hijack 3.7 is a free update for all current owners of Audio Hijack 3. Just select “Check for Update” from the Audio Hijack menu to download the latest.

If you’re new to Audio Hijack, you can visit the Audio Hijack page to learn more about our powerful audio recording tool, and to download the free trial.

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