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Stream to Sonos’s AirPlay Hardware With Airfoil for Mac 5.8

We’ve got big news for Airfoil today: Sonos compatibility! With the new Airfoil for Mac 5.8, you can stream any audio from your Mac to all of Sonos’s AirPlay-compatible devices. That means Airfoil can now help you play audio to even more devices. Whatever mix of AirPlay, Bluetooth, and Chromecast devices you have, Airfoil can help you stream audio in sync to all of them at once.

Currently, Sonos’s AirPlay-compatible hardware lineup consists of the Sonos One, Beam, Playbase, and second-generation Play:5. If you’ve already got one of these AirPlay-compatible Sonos device, make sure its firmware is up to date, then update to Airfoil for Mac 5.8 to start streaming any audio from your Mac all around your house.

Of note for users with older Sonos hardware, you need just one AirPlay-compatible Sonos device to enjoy audio on your entire system.

From Sonos’s announcement:

Even though AirPlay 2 is only supported on Sonos One, Beam, Playbase, and Play:5, with any one of these speakers you can listen via AirPlay on your entire home sound system. That means that even non-AirPlay compatible speakers like Playbar or Play:1 can reap the sonic benefits of our AirPlay 2 integration, provided they’re grouped with one of our newer, AirPlay-friendly devices in the Sonos app.

That means that if you have an older Sonos system, you can just add a single new device to get AirPlay compatibility going throughout your home. The Sonos One is a very worthy HomePod competitor, and its $199 price tag is just slightly more than half the cost of Apple’s smart speaker.

More Compatible Devices Coming Soon

Sonos’s recent update made them the first third-party vendor to ship AirPlay 2 compatible speakers, but they won’t be the last. There are many more AirPlay 2 devices coming from Denon, Libratone, Marantz, and more. Much of this hardware is already available for purchase, and firmware updates to enable AirPlay on these devices are due at various points later this year.

More compatible outputs coming soon!

Like the Sonos hardware, we expect these devices will be compatible with Airfoil, once their firmware is updated. We’re excited for Airfoil to power audio streaming to even more great hardware!

Get Airfoil for Mac 5.8 Now

For over a decade, Airfoil has helped stream audio from your Mac to outputs all around your house. With today’s update, it supports more outputs than ever before. If you’re new to Airfoil, learn more on its product page. You can download the free trial, then purchase right through our store.

Owners of Airfoil for Mac 5 can update to version 5.8 free of charge, by selecting “Check for Update” from the Airfoil menu. If you’re an owner of Airfoil 4 or lower, you’re still eligible to upgrade to version 5 at a great discount.

Stay Tuned, Airfoil for Windows Users

Fear not, Windows users. We’re hard at work on an update which will add Sonos compatibility to Airfoil for Windows as well. Stay tuned for more news in the near future!

Update (September 13th, 2018): With version 5.6, you can now stream to Sonos devices with Airfoil for Windows as well! Be sure to update to the latest version.

Haere Mai, Nathan!

Earlier this month, the Staff section of our Company page got another update when we added our newest hire, Nathan Tiddy. If you’re a New Zealander like Nathan, you may already know from this post’s title that today we’re using the blog to publicly welcome Nathan.

Nathan’s actually relatively new to the world of Mac programming, but he’s proven himself to be a quick study. Prior to joining us, Nathan developed and shipped his own audio utility called “menuBUS”. Now, we’re delighted to have him working on more audio tools here at Rogue Amoeba.

If you’re a user of our soundboard app Farrago, you can already appreciate some of Nathan’s work. His first project with us was implementing MIDI support, as well as other improvements you can find in the new Farrago 1.2. We’re excited to have Nathan joining our team, where he’ll be able to improve and push forward more apps. As always, stay tuned for more!

Farrago 1.2 Brings MIDI Control and More

Our newest app, Farrago, provides robust, rapid-fire soundboards to podcasters, theater techs, and live performers. After its initial 1.0 release in January and a major 1.1 update in April, we’re pleased to be shipping Farrago 1.2 today. This update has many improvements, but focuses on two major features: MIDI support and multi-tile editing.

MIDI Support

Farrago’s new MIDI support lets you take control of your soundboard with any MIDI device. With a few seconds of setup, you’ll be able to control playback of any of your tiles via MIDI. As well, MIDI control is also available for playback shortcuts, set switching, and more! This was one of our single most-requested features, so it’s great to have it working.

Multi-Tile Editing

With the new multi-tile editing, it’s now a breeze to update settings in bulk. Just select two or more tiles, then edit settings in the Inspector. You can rapidly change the color of a group of tiles, adjust their playback settings, and more.

And More

Of course, there are also plenty of smaller fixes and improvements. The master volume control can now be controlled via keyboard shortcuts. Sets have also been enhanced, with a new ability to keep notes for a Set and an improved process for renaming Sets as well.

We’ve also refined our VoiceOver labels, to make things clearer for our visually impaired users. With Farrago 1.2, the Mac’s best new soundboard app just keeps getting better!

Download Farrago Now

Farrago is the perfect partner for your podcast, theater show, or other live performance. Learn more about Farrago on its product page, then test it out by downloading the free trial. Farrago’s introductory pricing runs out at the end of July, so act fast to save over 20% off the regular price.

For existing users, Farrago 1.2 is a free update. Just open up the app and select “Check for Update” from the Farrago menu. Get it now!

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