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ScreenCastsOnline Helps You Get Started With Audio Hijack 3

Our pal Allison Sheridan, of the NosillaCast and podfeet.com, recently created an excellent in-depth tutorial on Audio Hijack. In it, she goes over the very basics of getting started with the app, before moving on to cover many of Audio Hijack’s uses. It’s a great 30 minute tutorial, rich in detail and sure to help anyone getting started with our audio recording tool. Check out a preview of the video to see the first ten minutes. To watch the full video, just sign up with ScreenCastsOnline.

If you haven’t heard of ScreenCastsOnline before, you’re in for a treat. For nearly a decade, Don McAllister has been providing the Apple community with a great resource for learning about Mac and iOS apps. For just $8 a month, you’ll get full access to hundreds of tutorial videos, with more added each month. Best of all, you can check out previews of much of the content, and even take a free 14-day trial. Get more details right here.

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