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Support for Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion)

Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) ImageRecently, Apple announced that Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) would ship in July of this year. We’re currently working on providing full support for 10.7 in all of our apps. We’re not there yet, but if you’re curious about what works on 10.7, you can check out the Status page to track our progress.

While we can’t guarantee that all of our applications will have full support for 10.7 on the first day Lion is available, they will all be supported on 10.7 as soon as possible. Any updates needed to our current versions will of course be free, so if you’re looking to buy, there’s no need to wait.

For now, we recommend our customers stick with Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) until 10.7 is actually released. That said, if you are using Lion and our software, please get in touch if you run into a bug not mentioned on the Status page.

Easier Browser Hijacking With Audio Hijack Pro 2.9.12

Audio Hijack Pro IconWith Audio Hijack Pro, you can capture any audio playing on your Mac, recording it for later listening. In general, this is as simple as selecting the audio-playing application as your source and clicking Record.

However, in the past year or so, hijacking audio from the newest web browsers became more difficult. As we wrote back in April, grabbing audio from Google Chrome and Firefox 4 required a bit more work. As well, since the release of Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard), grabbing audio from Safari has required a relaunch even if the Instant On component is installed.

No longer! With the release of Audio Hijack Pro 2.9.12, browser hijacking has been greatly improved. Now, to pull audio from Google Chrome, you just need to select it as your source. To pull audio from Firefox 4, you just need to select it as your source. And yes, even to pull audio from Safari, you just need to set it as your source!

For those users that are interested in the details, we’ve added a new hijacking mode called Multi-Process mode to properly handle these web browsers. Multi-Process mode will hijack the audio coming out of an application, as well as the audio from all of its sub-processes. That means all audio from browsers like Chrome, which play audio in secondary processes, will be captured. Excellent!

Your browsers will now work exactly as they should – just like any other standard source. So, if you’re on Mac OS X 10.6 and up, grab the latest Audio Hijack Pro and enjoy.

Airfoil 4 Is Clever, Affordable, and a Pick of the Week

If you haven’t downloaded Airfoil 4 to your Mac yet, maybe a couple top-notch reviews will convince you it’s time. We happen to have just that! First up, Macworld UK gave the newest version of Airfoil 4 stars out of 5, and called it “a clever and affordable way to stream all of your Mac’s audio throughout your home and to your iOS devices”. We think so too!

As well, Adam Christianson of the long-running Maccast made Airfoil his Pick of the Week on episode 249 of MacBreak Weekly. You can listen (or watch!) right here, to find out how Adam uses Airfoil in conjunction with audio from Pandora and his stereo.

Once you’re convinced, you can download Airfoil right from its main page. Try it out, then buy it right through our store.

Test the next generation of Airfoil for Windows!

Airfoil for Windows IconSince the release of Airfoil for Windows 2.8, we’ve been busy working on the next generation of Airfoil for Windows. If you used Airfoil for Mac 4, you’ve seen how the future looks. Now, many of the exciting new features seen in Airfoil for Mac 4.0 are now making their way to Airfoil for Windows as well.

As we did with Airfoil 4, we have reorganized the main window of Airfoil for Windows to make it easier to use, and updated the graphics as well.

Airfoil for Windows 3

This update brings a lot more than just a new user interface, though. Airfoil for Windows 3 also includes an updated Airfoil Speakers for Windows which includes the ability to Reverse Connect to both Airfoil and Airfoil for Windows.

Airfoil Speakers for Windows 3

In addition, Airfoil Speakers for Windows now supports album art, track metadata, and Remote Control of supported sources.

Airfoil Speakers for Windows - Receiving Audio with remote control

We’re excited about the new features, and we’re eager to get them out to all our users. Before that, however, they need a bit more testing. That’s where you come in!

Try It Out

If you’re already a registered user, you can help us test Airfoil for Windows 3 before its official release. It’s been tested heavily internally, and it’s ready for daily use by testers. If you want to try it out before its official release, get in touch.

Update (July 6th, 2011): Airfoil for Windows 3 is now available to everyone!

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