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Audio Hijack is iMore’s Mac App of the Year for 2015!

Each December, Apple news site iMore salutes the top products of the past year. In their own words, these winners “filled us with surprise and delight, got us to forget what came before, and made it impossible for us to imagine how we ever lived without them”.

This year, we’re incredibly honored to be included. Audio Hijack 3 was declared the Mac App of the Year in the 2015 iMore Awards, and darn if that doesn’t feel good!

iMore Award Banner

iMore wrote:

Audio Hijack 3 by Rogue Amoeba combines the same incredible, unfettered access to sound on the Mac with a new interface that makes handling it all easier and more intuitive than ever. With this update, Audio Hijack has risen from Mac classic to Mac software superstar.

We worked for quite literally years on Audio Hijack 3, and we’ve been thrilled with the response it’s received. It’s wonderful to be given a chance to reflect on all the hard work done by everyone at Rogue Amoeba, and we certainly appreciate the accolade. Thanks to everyone who nominated us to iMore and to the folks there who recognized us. And of course, keep an eye out for future updates, because we’re always cranking away!

Airfoil Satellite Is Now in Orbit on iOS

Airfoil Satellite ScreenshotToday, we’ve got a newly released iOS application for you to check out. Airfoil Satellite is an iOS companion app for our Airfoil streaming software. With Airfoil, you can send any audio from your Mac or PC to devices all around your house. When you run Airfoil Satellite on any iOS device, you turn it into an audio receiver for Airfoil. Use Airfoil and Airfoil Satellite together to wirelessly send any audio from your computer to your mobile devices!

Long-time Airfoil users may already be using our previous iOS application, Airfoil Speakers Touch, to receive audio on their devices. That application debuted in 2009, but after multiple misfortunes with Apple’s App Store policies, it entered a period of hibernation. Its last update came in 2012, so we’re glad to be replacing it with an entirely new application.

The new Airfoil Satellite app supersedes the old Airfoil Speakers Touch for all recent iOS devices.1 We recommend all Airfoil users on iOS 7 and later download Airfoil Satellite immediately. It features a thoughtfully-redesigned interface comprised of gorgeous retina-quality graphics. The app looks and works great on all modern devices, from a 3.5″ iPod Touch to a gigantic iPad Pro.

Of course, as part of the Airfoil family, the real point is playing audio. Airfoil Satellite does that with aplomb. Just run Airfoil on your Mac or PC, then open Airfoil Satellite on your iOS device, and they’ll automatically link to one another. After that, you can send audio to your iOS device for wireless listening anywhere your wifi reaches. Airfoil Satellite even supports an enhanced experience with many popular audio sources, so you can control playback and see what song is playing!

More to Come

Replacing the outmoded Airfoil Speakers Touch was worthwhile on its own. However, we’ve also got plans for more when it comes to Airfoil Satellite. This new application lays the groundwork for integrated remote control of Airfoil itself. In the coming weeks, we’ll ship the next major update to Airfoil. With it, you’ll be able to remotely control Airfoil itself, right from within Airfoil Satellite. Get Airfoil Satellite now, then watch for further updates.

Get It Now

Airfoil Satellite for iOS IconAirfoil Satellite is now available for all iOS devices running iOS 7 or higher. It’s completely free, so download it now on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. For more details, visit the Airfoil Satellite for iOS page. And as always, stay tuned for more updates!


  1. If you’ve got older Apple devices running iOS 4 through iOS 6, they can be useful as receivers for Airfoil. Just search the iOS App Store for “Airfoil Speakers Touch”. ↩︎

Welcoming Our New Designer!

A portrait of NealeBack in July, we posted about a job opening for a new designer here at Rogue Amoeba. After many years of faithful service, our previous designer Christa Mrgan was leaving to work at a new company aiming to clean up online comments. Even as we were sad to see her go, we were also excited with the idea of bringing in someone new to shake things up. After a long interviewing process and a successful test contract, we now have our newest employee.

Today, we’re delighted to welcome aboard Neale Van Fleet as our new designer! Neale’s a recent refugee from the corporate world, but over the years he’s also done excellent work designing independent Mac OS X and iOS apps. He’s already begun putting that experience to work for us, and his efforts will begin to show up in our apps (and elsewhere) in short order. We can’t wait for you to see!

All Rogue Amoeba Applications Are Now Compatible With Mac OS X 10.11 (El Capitan)

El Capitan IconWe released Airfoil 4.9 yesterday, concluding a fortnight of updates for our Mac applications. These releases all bring compatibility with Apple’s forthcoming Mac OS X 10.11 (El Capitan). Since El Capitan was first announced in June, we’ve kept our Status page up to date with the latest details. Today, we’re pleased to be able to announce that, as the title of this post indicates, all of our current applications are compatible with the forthcoming operating system.

As always, you can (and should!) download the latest versions by choosing “Check for Updates” from within each application. Then, when El Capitan is officially released next Wednesday, you can safely update without issue!

Long-Term Support

Rogue Amoeba has been around for almost 13 years, and in that time we’ve been fortunate to work with phenomenal employees, some of whom have stuck with us for many years. Most recently, our technical support lead Chris Barajas celebrated his five year anniversary with the company. After half a decade of helping customers with our products, we now take a moment to express our gratitude to Chris.

Technical support is a demanding role here at Rogue Amoeba. It requires answering emails rapidly and continuously, so that customers and potential customers alike get the answers they need. In addition to providing helpful and polite responses, there’s a great deal of problem solving required. Tracking down bugs and issues based on reports from users is also a key part of the job. We’ve had a half-dozen people handle the role over the years, and none have lasted as long as Chris. We’re tremendously grateful for the work he’s done and the stability he’s provided. We know that the many, many, many users he’s helped are grateful as well.

It’ll Last and Last

When an employee reaches the five year mark with us, we present them with a distinctive gift we hope will be meaningful to them specifically. Given that Chris can work from just about anywhere where he has an Internet connection, he’s done quite a bit of traveling over the years. He’s also spent a good amount of time refining what he carries with him. With this in mind, we set out to find Chris a great bag to travel with, ultimately deciding on a gorgeous briefcase from Saddleback Leather:


(Out of focus dog not included)

When a company offers a 100 year warranty and uses the slogan “They’ll fight over it when you’re dead”, you know they’re worth checking out. It’s clear that the folks at Saddleback care as much about their products as we do about ours, and Chris has been delighted with the bag. We hope he has decades more use of it.

Of course, there was also a custom made card, as well as one of the 5 year challenge coins we’ve had minted. All of this is just a small way to show our appreciation for the work Chris has done.

Challenge Coin


Thank You!

Chris is often fortunate to be able to receive appreciative feedback from those users he’s helped, but it’s important to publicly acknowledge the milestone as well. We want to thank Chris for his hard work since 2010. He’s helped thousands upon thousands of customers with our products, and then guided us to improve those products based on that feedback. So thank you Chris, and here’s to more great work in the future!


We’ve previously celebrated the five year anniversaries of four other employees here at Rogue Amoeba: Christa, Lee, Jeff, and Mike.